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Agarwal Sanjog

Welcome to our Website

Agarwal Sanjog is trying to give you your better half… This website is only for Agarwals community. My sincere thanks to my parents who always give me new directions and inspirations at each and every moment.

Arranged marriages have been performed till 1990 around in India. Marriages always happened to be within the circle of relationship by the then Choudhary’s of families without seeing the girl, relations have been fixed and converted into arrange marriages. As and when time have elapsed the system has been changed. Before 10-15 years back marriage bureau came into the field for arranging the marriages but now there is no time to go after anyone. In 1984 when Late Sh. Rajeev Gandhi Ji became a Prime Minister, he lauches computer yug in India and day by day it has been increasing so rapidly, now every nook and corner, in houses, in offices internet facilities have been provided by the telecommunication department. No doubt this is a revolution for the new generation. Now everybody has a desire, how their better half should be. They can use internet and can choose their own choice of their dream.

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